BCREA who are they?

According to the British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) web site;

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) is the professional association for more than 22,000 REALTORS® in BC, focusing on provincial issues that impact real estate. Working with the province’s 11 real estate boards, BCREA provides continuing professional education, advocacy, economic research and standard forms to help REALTORS® provide value for their clients.

What is a professional association? According to Dictionary. com it’s;

  1. a body of persons engaged in the same profession, formed usually to control entry into the profession, maintain standards, and represent the profession in discussions with other bodies
So when one reads the title BCREA and see the words “professional association” and then reads “for more than 22,000 REALTORS® in BC” One might think that the BCREA is the “professional association” for BC REALTORS®.
This March 23, 2017 the BCREA had their AGM at the Fairmont hotel at the Vancouver airport.  I asked to go and was denied access.  I wrote the president and various other board members and said their must be some mistake because I’m a paid up member and want to go the the AGM and I was told that the corporate secretary (their lawyer) and a security guard would be at the door to stop me if I tried to go to the meeting.
Here is the letter the BCREA sent me;
To Mr. Scott Simmons:
Re: BC Real Estate Association Annual General Meeting
Dear Sir,
Further to your demand that you be permitted entry to the annual general meeting to be held on March 23, 2017, the Association’s officers have consulted with legal counsel and respond as follows.
Despite your claim that you are entitled to attend, we confirm that the annual general meeting is a members meeting, and is not open to the public nor to individual REALTORS®.
While you are a REALTOR® and a member of the Victoria Real Estate Board (“VREB”), you are not a member of the Association. The Association’s bylaws provide that its members are: a) the regional real estate boards, b) honorary life members appointed by the Association’s board of directors, and c) voting delegates designated by the regional real estate boards.
You have not been appointed as an honorary life member and we have confirmed with VREB that you have not been appointed by VREB as a voting delegate for tomorrow’s meeting. Likewise, our records show that you have not been appointed by any other real estate board as a voting delegate. You are therefore not a member of the Association and not entitled to attend and participate at tomorrow’s annual general meeting.
Your assertion that you pay fees and are therefore entitled to attend is also incorrect. You pay fees to your real estate board, a portion of which are directed by VREB to pay its own membership fees to the Association.
It is not the Association’s practice to allow individual REALTORS® who are members of real estate boards to attend the Association’s membership meeting. Individual REALTORS® are represented by their real estate boards at the Association. Accordingly, we confirm that you will not be permitted entry at tomorrow’s annual general meeting.
Should you have matters you wish to discuss with the Association, please provide a written summary, and one of our staff or officers will reply. 
Robert Laing, CEO
I did try and go to the meeting and their lawyer and security guard were there and did block me from attending the AGM.  All I wanted to do was sit and listen to the AGM.  It was not as if I wanted to make a delegation or speak but just sit and observe.
How can BCREA claim of being the professional  association for 22,000 “members” when they deny access to any random one of the 22,000 “members” who might just want to go to the AGM?

Scott Simmons

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