BC Building code Changes for 2010

BC Building Code changes for 2010
As of Feb 1st, 2010, the BC Building Code has been changed;
1) the consideration of potential for slope instability and its consequences at a building site becomes an explicit requirement in designs of structures and their foundations, and
2) the seismic hazard probability level to be used in the consideration, particularly in assessment of seismic slope stability, will be as referenced in Subsection 1.1.3 of Division B of the BC Building Code, namely a 2%-in-50 year probability of exceeding.
As a result, the Geotechnical Slope Stability (Seismic) Regulation, B.C. Reg. 358/2006 is repealed. The companion Commentary on Geotechnical Slope Stability (Seismic) Regulation issued by the Building and Safety Policy Branch in January 2007 is also withdrawn. As originally intended, the repealed B.C. Reg. 358/2006 served as an interim provision for specifying a seismic hazard probability level to be used for slope assessments for building sites. That level was a 10%-in-50 year probability of exceedance.
These are a big changes to the BC Building Code and basically it has raised the bar of slope stability.
We have had this change come up already. What was deemed to be a OK building lot is now worthless until a new Geo-technical Slope Stability report is completed.
If you have a building lot and a Geo-technical Slope Stability report saying you can build a home and have not built you will have to re hire the Geo-technical engineers to do another report. $$$
Some lots that have been OK may not pass the new levels that have been set. Who knows what the engineers will deem to be 2%-in-50 years from a level of 10%-in-50 years.  If you Google 100 year flood you can get a better feeling of how extreme value theory works.  Its counter intuitive.  It sounds like they are making the levels less but it works backwards.
The other change is that in part 1) the wording explicit requirement IMO means everyone will have to have a Engineer do a Geo-technical Slope Stability report to build anything in BC. This will affect all BC real estate.
Scott Simmons
Salt Spring Island BC
Update I was just at the CRD building inspection office on Salt Spring and they are shocked at how sever these changes are to the BC Building Code. They think this will make some lots un-build-able and make so many homes legal none conforming.  What will happen if the homes burn down and you can not rebuild.  Like I said this is a massive change.

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