If you want a dock you will need a Foreshore Lease

A what? A Foreshore Leases.  What is a foreshore lease? and why do I need one if I want to put in a dock in front of my Salt Spring waterfront home? Here is the definition; Crown foreshore is, in basic terms, all land covered by either saltwater or freshwater. Almost all foreshore in British Columbia is owned by the province and can be tenured by way of Licence of Occupation, Lease, or … [Read more...]

The Property Disclosure Statement in BC

What is a PDS (property disclosure statement) and why you should anyone buying or selling Salt Spring real estate care.  If you are selling think of the PDS as your trusted friend.  Just like a trusted friend you can and should tell all to the PDS.   The PDS will be there with you if you get into a sticky situation selling.  If you have never seen one here is an actual PDS, please note there is no … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Incorporation News

Salt Spring Island is in the middle of an incorporation study.  Basically the study will look at the pros and cons of Salt Spring going from and unincorporated area into a municipality.   Here is a copy of the Preliminary report; 2015-10-30 SSI Incorporation Study Preliminary Report FINAL Today I went to the open house and taped the presentation for you, here it is; Nov … [Read more...]

Easements and Gazette roads

Had the pleasure of having Wayne from Edmonton over the other day out looking at land on Salt Spring and the conversation turned to Gazette roads and or easements.   It's an odd topic but one that comes up when buying a large rural lot.  One never really knows what they are getting unit one does a little digging.  The first thing you must know is a gazette road will not show up on a title search. … [Read more...]

Boat camping in Gulf Islands British Columbia

My son Keith and I just made it home after action packed 4 days / 3 nights of exploring and touring the Gulf Islands of British Columbia.  We took basic camping gear and our trusty small 14 foot Caribe RIB (rigid inflatable boat) with a Yamaha 60 hp motor on it.  I grew up on the west coast where my father had worked as a mariner on the steam ships going from Vancouver to Prince Rupert and all … [Read more...]

Waterfront properties things to know

The latest issue of Legally speaking by the (BCREA)  British Columbia Real Estate Association is worth a read if you are looking at waterfront on Salt Spring Island. WHAT'S UP (WITH THE) DOCK? Waterfront properties with private docks are looking attractive at this time of the year, particularly with the weather we've been enjoying this summer. Licensees involved in the sale of such properties … [Read more...]

the Heritage Conservation Act

This article was just published by the BCREA and is worth reading if you are looking at buying on Salt Spring. The key is that these sites might not be registered on title. A simple title search might not guarantee there is not an archaeological site on the property. DEALING WITH HERITAGE SITES How many licensees are aware that the Heritage Conservation Act (HCA),1 which replaced the … [Read more...]

Jasper Gem rocks on Salt Spring Island

I have always been a bit of a rockhound and always wanted to find the Jasper outcrop on Salt Spring Island.   Travel writer Rich Hudson gives an excellent account of finding the Jasper deposit on Salt Spring.  Rick Hudson - travel writer and author pdf  Here is the link to his site.  The location of the 100m by 10m seam is not easy to find everyone seems to give vague locations.  So I would hate … [Read more...]

Perfect day for a hike

I have been planning to hike both Mt Tuam trails for a while and since I had to drive my son to work for 8am I thought today would be the day.  The weather this winter has been so mild that I knew there would be little to no snow up on top of Mt Tuam.  Here is the trail map I downloaded for the trip;  Mt Tuam.  By the time I found the trail head it was 9am.  Glad I left home early, with one little … [Read more...]

Unsubdivide-able land On Salt Spring

Last year there was a group of cabins for sale on the Salt Spring MLS.   Some of you might remember them.  I was just shocked when they were first listed.  I sent a letter to the managing broker of the company that had them listed and explained the land is in the ALR and that what they were doing was actually leasing the buildings without and interest in the land.  They changed their listing info … [Read more...]

Salt Spring’s new SSIWPA PAC

If you live on Salt Spring you have to get used to all the acronyms.  If you have not heard of SSIWPA it's because it's new.   SSIWPA stands for Salt Spring Island WaterShed Protection Authority.  Today  was the first meeting of the SSIWPA PAC (Public Advisory Committee). The ideal behind SSIWPA is that it will coordinate gov agencies in the protection of the watershed and lakes of Salt … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Riparian Area bylaw

RIPARIAN AREAS RAR Salt Spring Island DPA 7 This is the second go around for this land use bylaw. The first time it was proposed as an island wide bylaw covering most of the watersheds. There was a massive push back from the residents of Salt Spring. This time around the Island Trust has mapped all of the steams/creaks/lakes. Here is the map that of the island with the new DPA 7 (Development … [Read more...]

Salt Spring local election news

Salt Spring will be having a local election on the 15 of November 2014.  There will be 2 trustees for the island trust elected and one CRD director.   If you would like to know the lay out of local government here is an excellent organization chart. Salt Spring Island Local Governance  Basically the Island Trust does local zoning and land use via bylaws and the CRD handles water, sewer and … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island CEDC

Tonight the Salt Spring Island CEDC (Community Economic Development Commission), which is a sub committee of the CRD (Capitol Regional District),  put on an information night on what they have been doing for the last 3 years or so.  This pdf will explain local Salt Spring local government organizations; Salt Spring Island Local Governance Below is a recording of the main presentation.  The first … [Read more...]

What to do?

As lots of you know I like to find out about ever thing pertaining to Salt Spring real estate. Especially if it's for sale. I have been working on putting up a few new web site pages up on some of the various developments on Salt Spring over the last few weeks. Maybe you have checked out one of the pages like this one Bishops Walk Salt Spring. What I have been doing is visiting the developments … [Read more...]

I took the day off

It was so nice to get a day off.  No cell phone (I did have my tablet with maps loaded), no text not even an email.  I went exploring. Out for a hike on Salt Spring Island. It was a no trail off track ramble.  I have wanted to go and check out the rock grinder of Salt Spring.  It's the spot where the 60 million year old Nanaimo glacial till (cretaceous) meets the 200 million year old lava … [Read more...]

Buying a new Salt Spring home

It's not as if there are hundreds of new Salt Spring homes on the market but every year there are 10 or so.  Some are build as spec home and some are owner built homes. In BC all builder who build new homes must be licensed with the Homeowner Protection Office and all new homes must have 3rd party warranty insurance. Here is a brochure about the mandatory 2-5-10 home warranty … [Read more...]

5 steps of selling a home

5  steps of selling a home.  Can you tell which step the sellers on? As a Realtor that works mostly with buyers knowing the motivation of the sellers is one of the main keys to getting a deal for my buyers.  If I can figure out which step of the 5 steps the sellers are in I will have a better chance of getting the deal done. What are the 5 steps of home selling;  Denial, Anger, Bargaining, … [Read more...]

Archeological excavations – important notes

Article contributed by Doug Glaum, Manager Archaeology Branch, Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations. The September 3, 2014, Times Colonist article Homeowners no longer face bills for archeological excavations - Local - Times Colonist concerning archaeological research and private property has caused some confusion with property owners.  Property owners should be aware of the … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island Industrial Advisory Planning Commission report

Salt Spring Island Industrial Advisory Planning Commission draft final report is out.  Here is a copy of the report.  iapc-draft-report-july-15 All in it's an excellent report that was put together by a stellar group of Salt Spring volunteers. The basic recommendations are to change the current industrial / commercial zoning into 5 zones; 1. General Employment Zone 1 2. General … [Read more...]