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If you are going to buy a Salt Spring Island home and/or Salt Spring property you should sign up for the free Virtual Open House system (PCS).  Every second the PCS database updates information about new listings and the prices on homes that have sold.  PCS can be used as your own private database.  For instance, you can set the Virtual Open House search criteria to display homes or properties within a designated price range (ex: $400K-$600K for Salt Spring homes).

The PCS is an advanced system that will send you up-to-the-second information on all Salt Spring Island properties that are for sale and listed with the Victoria Real Estate Board.  The PCS system provides more information than the MLS®.  For instance, when a home sells it is pulled off the MLS®.  Also, the MLS® will not give you price history or the selling price of a property.  In contrast, the PCS system will display the selling prices. This is critical information if you want to track the real estate market.  The PCS system is very simple, but extremely powerful. You can demo the system here.

Note:  If you register for the PCS, please send me a quick email saying you did so, as I will need to initialize your account. email Scott
When logging in to the PCS, you are only required to enter your first name and email address. You can log off at any time and you will not end up on a mail out list.

Private Client Services™ (PCS)

Sign up now! Full access to the updated MLS® system


  • Membership is free and allows you the chance to decide for yourself, without cost obligation if the services offered are right for you.
  • The system continuously checks for new properties and price changes – in real time.
  • You will be notified by email immediately when a new property comes to the market matching your entered search criteria.

Fill out this form to sign up for PCS:


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Here are some screen shots of the PCS system.

If you are not using the PCS system to search for your new Salt Spring home or lot you are missing out on up-to-the-minute information that will help you make a better-educated decision when you buy.  I hope you use it.


Disclaimer this a virtual open house page and information on this PCS system is general real estate info only the same information you would get at an open house. If you sign up for PCS it’s like your going to an open house. If you want to see a two bedroom home you would go to an open house that offers 2 bedrooms.  If you enter search criteria into the PCS it so you will see the right open houses for you. If you are getting information on this page it does not mean you have an agency relationship with Scott Simmons.  Unless you have signed a Disclosure of representation in trading services document you are an unrepresented party and do not have an agency relationship with Scott Simmons.



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