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Salt Spring rental homes by the numbers

I get many people asking me about buying a rental home on Salt Spring and usually spend a lot of time answering all their questions.  So in this post, I hope to cover some of the factual information. Here are the typical questions and basic answers; What is the rental market like on Salt Spring?  As most know, but some do not, the vacancy rate on Salt Spring has been zero for about the … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Housing Crisis explained

Is Salt Spring in the middle of a housing crisis?  It all depends on who you talk to and what one defines as a crisis. If you move to Salt Spring and have limited funds and are looking to rent a home at about $1000 per month your probably out of luck.  There are basically no homes to rent on Salt Spring Island at this time and not just because it's the usual summer madness. If you are … [Read more...]