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Mount Sullivan hike on Salt Spring

Mount Sullivan is probably one of the least known peaks on Salt Spring.  Most know Mt Maxwell or Mt Erkine but not many know about Mount Sullivan.  It is one of the better hikes on Salt Spring and it's almost all on park land.  The hike starts at the parking area of Burgoyne Bay Provincial Park and heads south across the valley.  One of the first places to see is the first nations monuments that … [Read more...]

Buyer Beware Landmark court Ruling

The headlines were in the media about a month ago and this is something that keeps me up at night.  Especially this CRA to recover from the buyers the capital gains tax.  The other thing to note is this is just part of the trend of the federal government to bring in more taxes.  They are also going to be going after those that seem to claim various principal residences.  Here is the article from … [Read more...]