Archives for June 2012

Houses Made of Wood and Light by Michele Dunkerley

The Radio Real Estate show was honored to have Michele Dunkerley author of 'Houses Made of Wood and Light' on the show today.  The book is about noted Salt Spring architect Hank Schubart.  If you have ever been in a Shubart home you would probably know it.  As per the press release “The book traces the career of an architect who had a genius for finding the perfect site for a home and for … [Read more...]

Straw Bale wall on Salt Spring

Molly and the Mud Girls are building a straw bale wall with a cob finish in front of Charlies home on Fulford Ganges on Salt Spring Island.  This was quite a site full of enthusiasm. Here is the link to the Mud Girls site .  The Mud Girls offer assistance to owner-builders who are embarking on their own natural building adventure. You can hire their crew for projects big or small such … [Read more...]

Wood Stove Radio Show

Chris from the Home Design center was kind enough to be interviewed on the Radio Real Estate show.   Chris is one of the few certified "WETT" installers on Salt Spring.  Here is the link to WETT .  If you are moving to Salt Spring you will notice almost all of the island homes have wood stoves and or fireplaces.    I'm guessing 90% of Salt Spring homes are heated with … [Read more...]