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Designated Agency

As of January 1, 2012 the agency relation ship has changed in BC for realtors and clients. The working with a Realtor brochure has changed here is a copy of the latest version Working with a Realtor Designated Agency. It will really make a difference with big brokerages with 200 plus agents all working in the same geographical area. It will not dramatically impact you the buyer or … [Read more...]

Snow day on Salt Spring

After having a rose bloom in the garden last week it looked like we might have skipped winter and gone strait into spring. Seems old man winter realized he had forgotten about us and decided to pay Salt Spring a visit. I was starting to wonder what snow was like. So glad winter is only one day long on Salt Spring. Should be back to plus 8 by tomorrow. I can handle winter when it only for … [Read more...]

Home Exchange Salt Spring / UK

Hi Scott, We are seeking a sabbatical from Salt Spring, and accordingly trying to find a long term house exchange with a couple in the UK. It occurred to me that you might have the occasional inquiry from folks considering selling up and relocating to our lovely island, but who might like the opportunity to try before they buy. I’m registered with a couple of home-exchange sites, but the … [Read more...]

Stunning Salt Spring photos

Just on flickr and looking at the Salt Spring Island group photos and they are really good. Here they are; What is your fav photo? Just reading up on setting up a pool for the Salt Spring Island poultry club and I could not pass up the chance to share these stunning saltspring photos. These are from the Salt Spring flickr group. … [Read more...]

Secret MLS® Foreclosure Tips

For long time MLS® users you might know this but here it is. How to spot a foreclosure on the Salt Spring MLS®.  Usually foreclosures in British Columbia are not advertised as " IN FORECLOSURE cheep cheep bring your low ball offers".  The banks do not want this.  They are trying to sell at market price and know the word "foreclosure brings out the baron shoppers.  So how to spot one in any … [Read more...]

Aggregate Days on the Market

What are "aggregate days on the market"? On the Victoria Real Estate board an agent can "Re-List" a property for a mere $25 fee.  An example would be if a home has been listed on the board for 180 days the listing can be taken off the market and then "Re-Listed" and appear to be a new listings with zero days on the market.   This can be very misleading and a listing agent would be telling the … [Read more...]

Mortgage docs public info

Did you know mortgage documents are public information.  If you are buying Salt Spring real estate and are trying to figure out what to offer would it not be nice to know what the seller owes on the place? The mortgage documents that are registered on title will only tell you the size of the mortgage when it registered on title.  Not the current balance but it will show you the term and … [Read more...]

Property Price History

The price history of any Salt Spring home and or Salt Spring lot your are thinking of buying is critical information. It is be like flying blind not knowing the price history of a Salt Spring property. Here is an image of what a Real Estate agent see about a property. As you can see this property has been listed 5 times on the Victoria Real Estate board. It has sold twice while … [Read more...]