Archives for February 2011

What an gift I recived today… when was the last time someone gave you a Tiki?

It was so nice of Banana Joe to pop over with a Freaky Tiki for me. I have always wanted my own Tiki. This little guy is made out of the local Arbutus wood. For those of you that have never meet Joe or seen any of his video clips on youtube you have missed out. Banana Joe is Salt Spring Island's expert in all things tropical. From Bamboos to Palms Joe knows his stuff. Wow my own Tiki. The … [Read more...]

Tweet Tweet Tweet I finally gave in and started to tweet on twitter

I don't know why I had not started years ago? Another thing to do in my spare time I guess.  It is actually really cool and useful for breaking news stories.   Glad I have jumped on the bandwagon.  So off Tweeting I will go.  Tweet Tweet.  I will try and see if I can get Michael our mean little biting budgie to give me some tips on how to tweet.  So if you are on twitter you can tweet me at … [Read more...]

New interactive map video clip

I thought shooting a video would be a good way to promote my new Interactive real estate map.  The map has over 150 Salt Spring Island video clip on it that cover all parts of the island. Lots of positive feed back so far.  More and more new video clips being added almost every day.  If you would like me to shoot a perticular area let me know. Cheers Scott. … [Read more...]

Market seems to be on a up swing

Maybe it is just me but Salt Spring Island real estate seem to be hopping. Very very busy on the island. Lots of showing of Salt Spring Island homes and lots of deals happening. It seems like some buyers are out to beat the spring rush and are snapping up all the deals. I have 4 on the go at this time. 3 accepted and one bouncing back and forth. Just received this BC housing market update from the … [Read more...]

Save Our Surgery at Lady Minto Hospital on Salt Spring Island BC

Today I received a call from another Salt Spring Island real estate agent Phyllis Bolton from Pemberton Homes about her cause which is the Save Our Surgery group. The first question I had for Phyllis is what can I do to help the cause. Phyllis is a well respected person on Salt Spring and if there was anything I could do I would do it. As the conversation went along I asked her if they were on … [Read more...]