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Looking at Modular Homes on Vancouver Island

June and I had to go off Salt Spring Island and go to Vancouver Island yesterday to buy some wood for our new barn. We have a favorite mill we like to buy from directly. It's not a normal retail environment but an interesting experience. On the way home we stopped at Vancouver Island Modular homes to see what they have in stock. I have been there a few time but June had never been. We are not in … [Read more...]

WordPress drop in last night on Salt Spring was a success

Last night I hosted Salt Spring Island's first free mini wordpress drop in for beginners through intermediate and it was a big success. I thought there would be more people at the beginner level but it turned out everyone had a site and needed coaching. One site should take off at this point. The web master is a volunteer with a rather large salt spring organization. She was given the job and has … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island interactive real estate map just released

I have been working around the clock on my new Salt Spring Island interactive real estate map and have just released it to the public. Here is the link to the Salt Spring Island Real Estate interactive map. I have about 70 video clips on the map and will be adding more and more every day. My goal is to have a video clip of most of the island streets posted on the map. So many buyers always ask … [Read more...]

Good article about rural real estate in the Canadian Business

The article talks about the sharp drop in demand for rural real estate homes and the subsequent drop in prices. It is not really breaking news to anyone who has been in the Salt Spring Island real estate market looking. I think it might be news that some of the Salt Spring Island home sellers should read over. Here is the link to the article in __www.canadianbusiness.com_print.   To ad the the … [Read more...]

Sunday afternoon hike up Mt. Erskine Salt Spring Island

Keith, Rex, Lucas and I were headed out for a little walk at about two Sunday afternoon when Keith said "lets go up Mt Erskine". I was not really to thrilled about climbing the mountain at such a late time in the day. This time of year it is starting to get dark at 5pm. Keith can be very persistent I was saying how nice Duck creek would be this afternoon but he held out for the mountain. Ug... It … [Read more...]

How to sell your home in any Real Estate market

As a Salt Spring Island real estate agent the first question I usually get from anyone is "how is the market doing". I usually say the same answer "great". Home are always selling in all markets. If the market is hot or cold it really does not mater if you are selling. If your home is very poorly turned out it will not sell. Some homes just sit and sit, some for years. There are two main … [Read more...]

Why is it so hard to find the perfect Salt Spring home?

After WW11 the baby boom started. Thousands of young men returned home and started families and all these families needed homes. Every city in North America responded and let developers build track home or subdivision homes. Boxes that could be put up fast and cheap. Lots of subdivisions are build by one developer who uses one architect and usually has 5 or 6 standard designed that they build. … [Read more...]

Off to camp on Saturday actually a wordcamp meetup for wordpress

There seems to be a few people going from Salt Spring to the Wordpress camp in Victoria. It sounds like it will be very interesting, I'm hopping to learn how to enhance this blog. For those of you that do not know wordpress is a open source platform that can be used for web sites or blogs. This blog, my new one, is on a wordpress platform and hopefully it will be better after Saturday. Here is the … [Read more...]

Just updated my Linkedin account and profile

I must have joined a few years ago and it is one of those things that looked neat and what the heck.  I was surprised at how many people I know that are members.  Sorry to bother you all but have just sent out the group "friend me" email I have no linkedin friends.  I'm feeling like I have linked out.   The more time I have put into Linkedin the more value I see in it.  Check out my Linkedin … [Read more...]

Round Salt Spring Island yacht Race

The annual May long weekend round Salt Spring Island race is one not to miss on the west coast of British Columbia. Usually over 100 Sailboats from all over British Columbia and Washington State race in the annual Round Salt Spring Island race put on by the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club. The Commodore, can be proud of all the members that helped out with the multitude of jobs to make this event … [Read more...]

Radioactive Uranium ship goes past Salt Spring Island

Apparently there is no danger but what would you expect to hear. How about this "Leaking ship slugs past Salt Spring Island and ooses uranium into local water". Apparently the gov Regulators have boarded the ship and are trying to figuring out how to handle a spill of radioactive material in the ship's hold. I wonder if they gave them the old "WE ARE WITH THE GOVERNMENT AND HERE TO HELP" This … [Read more...]

Market outlook for 2011

In 2011 I suspect we will see market activity in and around this same levels as 2010. The Salt Spring real estate market is basically 4 separate markets 1+million, 600k-900k middle, the low end sub 500k and building lots. I suspect the high end 1 plus million dollar homes will see the biggest price drops. If a home sat on the market through the peak of 2007 and did not sell, it wont sell in … [Read more...]

Most Salt Spring homes have wood fire places or wood stoves.

I seem to get a lot of questions about wood stoves. The main questions are were does one get wood on Salt Spring Island and how much is it. There are wood vendors on the island that hang out in town with their trucks full of wood. Generally the wood is green and needs to be seasoned for a year. What most people do is buy the wood and (dry it) season it over the course of a year. So basically you … [Read more...]

Salt Spring Island new year on a small real estate up swing

It looks like the new year is off with a bang as far as Salt Spring Island real estate is concerned. With 6 new sales and with one coming in over 1.5mil. The home that sold at over 1.5 was IMO not a good home and way over priced. My friend had rented the home for 6 months and really thought it was a poor home. Just goes to show that every once in a while someone will buy a dog. Good luck with … [Read more...]

Hike on Walkers Hook Beach, Salt Spring Island with Rex and Lucas

Just going for a walk on Walkers Hook beach, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia with Lucas the kind and genteel Maremma Sheepdog and Rex the vicious little Scottish Terrier. Lucas has a way of just enjoying the moment and Rex is always on the hunt. Why is it the little dogs are always the aggressive ones? Very warm night on January 14, 2011 it felt like we had a wind blowing in from … [Read more...]

Saltspringer goes to the Toronto Boat Show

I just happened to be away from my beloved Salt Spring Island and in Toronto last week and took in the Toronto Boat Show. For a small town Saltspringer it was fantastic show with so many boats one place I could not possibly count them all. Lots and Lots of little bow riders and similar lake type boats but some big cruisers and a few bigger sail boats. I managed to find a new book Coincidence and … [Read more...]

International One Meter (IOM) Canadian Sailing Championship races at the Salt Spring Island Sailing club

The International One Meter (IOM) Canadian Sailing Championship was on a June weekend at the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club. There are sailors from all over North America here to race. The boats are technically very sophisticated and complex (they are not toy boats). If they where full size boats it would be as if we where hosting the America Cup. The Salt Spring Island sailing club has … [Read more...]

Hot Rum Yacht Race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

Ganges BC Salt Spring Island Sailing Club Hot Rum Race The annual New Year's Day Hot Rum Race was another success and kicked off Salt Spring Island Sailing Club racing season. The new Fleet Captain (racing) Greg Slakov had us all guessing with the reverse handicap Le Mans start. It was a little hectic on the club breakwater before the start with skippers prepping their Salt Spring crews. Jeremy … [Read more...]

Ben Mohr yacht race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

Ben Mohr Rock Race on January 21 (weather temperatures in Edmonton -3, Toronto -5), on Salt Spring our little bit of paradise it was a glorious +6, light winds, no rain. A perfect day for the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club's annual Ben Mohr Rock (we actually try not to hit the rock but just go around it, that is the theory any way) race. 11 boats started the race this morning but only 10 … [Read more...]

McMillan yacht race Salt Spring Island Sailing Club

McMillan Race February. The local Salt Spring Island racing fleet was delighted with the 2-5 knot wind for the start of the McMillan Trophy race. The wind was moving directly along the start line, resulting in a beam reach for the first leg of the race(not the most exciting wind direction but fast). The gun sounded and the boats were off. Unfortunately there was a little mishap between Tony … [Read more...]