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Swiftsure International Yacht Race

Swiftsure International Yacht Race. Just the name Swiftsure makes a west coast sailor's heart start to pound. This is one of the premier races on the BC/Washington coast. It is not just a yacht race, it is an event, it is a adventure, it is a quest, it is a reunion, it pushes the average sailors beyond what they would normally do. Why would 5 men cram into a small 30 foot sailboat and sail against … [Read more...]

Round Salt Spring Island yacht Race

What a time what a race. 117 boat of all types where registered for the round Salt Spring race. However being totally bias there is one boat type in particular that I'm gong to report on. It is billed out as " The Martin 242 is a 24-foot, high performance, family-oriented day racer and weekender" and let me tell you on this race it lived up to it's billing and it's reputation as A Wolf in Wolf's … [Read more...]

Round Salt Spring Island yacht race count down

The count down to the Salt Spring Island Sailing Club round salt spring race is stressful. The list of to do's is not getting shorter. Tonight we where to pull of the practice head sail and put on the tape drive. Will do it in the am. On Monday I pulled the boat out of the water using the crane in town. I thought I would work with the tides and showed up at 6am and put it on the hook and went for … [Read more...]