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Black September 2008

Black September 2008 All things go up and down. The stock market is in such a state of panic that real estate is sitting. The good news is that the sky is not falling. Your house will keep standing. The smart buyers are shopping for deals in this low in the market. They are looking for the sellers who are in panic mode and selling at extremely low prices. If markets never came down everyone … [Read more...]

Our new boat Boomer Martin 242

With the destruction of our beloved Strawberry Express we went on a quest to find a new boat and found Boomer. Boomer is a martin 242. It is a 24 foot long fractional rig that is fun to sail and race. The martin can be raced in a one design class or against other sailboats with the PHRF ratting system. Boomer rates in at 168 with is a higher handicap than Strawberry … [Read more...]